We present you a new concept of interactive messenger and scheduler combined. Ask your contacts for favors on your mobile phone contact book, schedule requests, track their execution, and thank them for help. Give kudos or thank with a small reward. You can return a favor or refer your contacts to your own friends and colleagues who are best at something, all in one click! Earn Kudos points for each completed request.
Kudizmo is about getting help fast from your friends, and from acquaintances. This edition includes tracker for your tasks which is time bound. There is never been a better way to get things done without being obliged!

We research and design mobile applications that present opportunities to enhance people experience in networking, interaction, and communication in social and work setting. We focus on brand new approach to solving common people problems with mobile software. We make routine things smart, innovative, and easy.

Our team operates on site and remotely from Ireland, USA, Russia, Ukraine. This team mix enables us understand and cover local customer needs for different cultures. We operate under agile framework to minimize time to market, and produce only top priority features that add value for our customers, big or small.

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